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More Art in the Redwoods....

Augusts End Summer 1999, Sea Ranch, CALIFORNIA, USA

Internationally recognized Artist Mattison Fitzgerald has been
working on the Sonoma-Mendocino coast since "she was a kid! My
first public exhibition was with 'Art in the Redwoods' when I was 16
years old. I had to compete with the adults then. Now, Art in the
Redwoods has a category for kids which is great." Since then,
Mattisons career has taken her around California and now into
national and international art arenas.

Early this summer you can find Mattison "painting
out" behind the Fitzgeralds' Sea Ranch home or tucked in behind the
rocks with her pastels along the coast or participating in the 1999
Studio Discovery Tour Labor Day Weekend in Sonoma and
Mendocino Counties located 2 hours North of the Golden Gate
Bridge on the California Coast.

Mattison Fitzgerald is starting a new series of large paintings on
redwoods trees this spring. She will finish the tree series just before
the California Sonoma Mendocino Counties 1999 Studio Discovery
Tour on Labor Day weekend September 4th and 5th and the
weekend of September 11 - 12 hours 10 am - 5pm. You are welcome
to stop by the Studio Discovery Tour either weekend and see what
she is working on. Mattisons work is also represented by Studio One
Gallery in Gualala among other galleries nationally and

Fitzgeralds' sempervirens seriesabout the trees is called 'Redwoods
R 2 Rain forests'. Fitzgerald commented "The redwood paintings
are dedicated to the people who have committed their lives to
fighting for the preservation of Redwood Trees". Fitzgerald hopes
the paintings will be here for centuries to help raise the awareness of
the finite resource we have in the Redwood Forests. Fitzgerald says
"they are the rain forests of the northern hemisphere and you are
responsible for taking care of them. It is important for Californians
and everyone on the planet to stand up for managed care of these
and other important resources."

Mattison Fitzgerald has recently been included in the National
Museum of Women in the Arts Archives in Washington D.C. She has
also been included in Who's Who in America and recently Who's Who
in the World and featured with Womens Caucus for the Arts
Newsletter and the North Coast Artists Guild Newsletter. As well as
received recognition from the National Association of American
Penn Women and the Womens Fund of Silicon Valley.

Mattison said she "will donate a portion of the sales from these
redwood paintings to help aid the activists in support of their voice
in saving the environment." Mattison will with Rain Forest Action
Network and other environmental organizations promote this effort
and exhibit the paintings in San Francisco, San Jose and beyond in

Fitzgerald is also working on a mini Art Film Festival during the
1999 Studio Discovery Tour, Labor day. The Film Festival will be
scheduled at the Point Arena Art Center in the California Coastal
town of Point Arena. The Mini Film Fest will consist of two art short
films and one mini-short animation all produced in California.

The first film is called 'Portraits' is by UCSB Student Jessie
Baldwin and is about the plight of four California Artists and was
funded by the writer of the 1969 film 'The Graduate'. The second
film is 'Pulsart' Millennium ~ A Time of Great Happiness. 'Pulsart'
is an animation of Mattison Fitzgeralds abstract paintings on
healing and was the first film ever on the internet from the Cannes
Film Festival 1998. The third film 'Go Fish!' is an ultra-mini-short
art animation produced by the CADartists who are special needs kids
doing art and animation on computers in Silicon Valley California.

If you would like to find out more information on Mattisons
Fitzgeralds artwork, 1999 Studio Discovery Tour or the film festival.
Fitzgeralds website is or contact
For more information or a map to the 1999 Studio Discovery Tour in
Sonoma and Mendocino Counties in September contact For information on the Point Arena Art Center

Thanks again!