The 2004 Art season kicks off with the International Arts Biennale in Mexico, Morelia. Luca Cruci, Italian Architect and Arts Biennale Juror for the Art Expo 2004, selected Mattison Fitzgerald, an international honor, as one of the 77 artists. Fitzgerald is an artist from San Francisco and Silicon Schools of painting. Luca Curci calls Fitzgerald a "Five Star Artist".

Fitzgerlds non-representational triptych series of paintings in oil titled Fuerza de Flores Paz Power of the Flowers Peace­ will be exhibited in February at the Solaris Observatory in Mexico. Fitzgerald will donate a portion of the sale of this triptych to the Alexandra Chiles Foundation; an American Foundation that donates arts and craft kits to kids with terminal illness in pediatric hospitals.

Fitzgerald says, "As one of two Americans visual artists and seven video artists invited to the International Biennale Exhibition, I want to take a message of peace and healing to the international art market. I feel that American people have much to regain in the world and that most of the American people are for peace and against the wars. The rest of the world needs to be made aware. I see this as an opportunity to bring a Peace healing message to the world from America."

Fitzgerald's work has been included in the Washington D.C. archives of the National Museum of Women in Arts. Also, the International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England, recognized Fitzgerald as an "Outstanding Artist and Designer of the 20th Century." Pulsart, Fitzgerald & Raify's film on her painting, was the first film broadcasted on the Internet from the Cannes Film Festival in 1998. Among other museums in California, Fitzgerald has exhibited her work at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara. She has received awards from the Women's Fund of Silicon Valley and the National Association of American Penn Women. Fitzgerald was the feature Artist on the Inaugural issue of TOPIA magazine and was published in Ashai Art Communications Journal on the 50th Anniversary of Hiroshima, Tokyo, Japan.


Art History has shown that every new invention in communication creates its own unique subculture. Just like the shift from radio to TV, the evolution from traditional mail ("snail mail") to electronic mail ("email") signals the beginning of a new era in communications. This sudden immersion into contemporary culture covers every field, thus changing the role of the artist, and is further enriched by structural components, criticism and ideas.

This is the foundation of ArtExpo.Mexico.04, an artistic event that involves 77 international artists from Japan, UK, Canada, United States, Venezuela, Turkey, Korea, Mexico, Belgium, Macedonia, Germany, Spain, France, New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania and Italy. Painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and video installations: many possible routes to follow, many different artistic paths, which converge in the art of communication.

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