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Mark A. Kramer



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. "Moves paint with electrifying force like we have not seen in the so called school of New York"
. Gustavo Valdese Art Editor NYC

"A Five Star Artist!"
. Luca Curci Italian International Art Expo Biennale Juror

"Way ahead of so many of the other artists."
. Nathan Oliveria Artist & Professor Emeritus
Stanford University

"Fitzgerlds work is Full of Energy! Fitzgerald has a real command of her mediums."
. Albert Noyer Art Critic East Mnt Telegraph

"Fitzgerald works are amazingly powerful."
. Larry Bradshaw Art Department Chair & Director
Period Gallery University of Nebraska

. Un Review
"Her paintings impart the intensity one feels in her presence. It's hard to think of the right adjectives. You know, the "bowls'-me-over" sort, are all ineffective. Intensity: effervescent, puissance? Calenture? It's like: not having any good green chili stew for a long, long time such a long time you've forgotten you'd ever tasted it. And then getting a bowl of hot, fresh green chili stew. Spicy and very, very tasty. With little surprise delights in each spoonful.
But, I've already warned you about intensity. If you don't want to be stimulated if you don't want to think, stay away. It's art that's not just for art's sake, or often just for beauty's sake. It is stimulating; in my opinion, beautiful and lets your eye run through layers of thought and emotions. Mattison explores a wealth of themes along a host of avenues. And many of them can make you think."
. Pen Gwen
Art Critic Stepping Out Magazine New Mexico

"Fitzgerald's sculpture of glass and metal is hauntingly beautiful in its evocative reminder of the New York World Trade Towers. There is however, nothing sad in the sparkling blue of the crystalline shapes. Hope and regenerative, joy seems to break out of the caged structure. The many reflections from the glass suggests a modern infused silica cathedral, Truly a statement, both contemporary and ancient."
. Robert Ellingsen
SF School Poet, Photographer