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New York, New York - June July 1995 . ANO XXI

Gustavo Valdes Art Editor
Rarely in New York do we enjoy the experiences and inner searching's of contemporary painters and sculptors from other parts of the United States. The International and Caribart Gallery of SOHO, New York has taken the initiative to exhibit in its large rooms the work of two artists represented in California by 'M' Art.

Mattison FitzGerald is a painter who in her first exhibition shows her newest luminous paintings where we observe that nothing in her style resembles anything we have seen in the so called "School of New York". Ms. FitzGeralds paintings vibrate with fluidity and electrify with extraordinary firmness across the canvas.
Accompanying this show of the best of California Art were sculptures in metal presented by Rochelle Ford, an experienced master in the art that gives life to the hard metal with which she works.

Rochelle Ford besides showing her forms in contemporary sculpture, conveys intrinsic movements. In this artist we find a leader in California sculpture.

Mattison FitzGeralds paintings and Rochelle Ford's sculptures were presented in 'Two Woman Show" at the International Caribeart Gallery of SOHO, 584 Broadway, Suite 502, Manhattan, New York.