Landscape is a design build firm dedicated to residential landscape planning. Our goal is to produce unique plans and installations that let each client feel as if their garden were a private park.

While planning your design at M, we consider the outdoor spirit of the peninsula region and each client's individual, site, and architectural needs. This approach allows M to produce plans that are unique, functional, and reliable.

PLANNING NOTES Landscape plans can be produced at any time of the year and are best scheduled well in advance of the spring and summer seasons. REMEMBER: PLAN TODAY PLANT TOMORROW!


If you are concerned about saving water and protecting your garden investment, consider the installation of a drip irrigation system for shrubs and ground covers. Drip irrigation systems are easy to install, reduce weeds and conserve water. The convenience and economy of these watering systems installed by M will impress you.

XERISCAPING whatiscaping??

Xeriscaping is a new branch of landscape science that relies on selection of native and perennial plants. These drought resistant plants are adapted to our arid environment, add color to your garden, require very little water, and prosper during drought years. Examples of xeriscaping or drought tolerant species are rock rose, ceanothus, salvia, and passion flower.

For more drought tolerant information: Water Consenting Plants and landscapes for the Bay Area is a book available from East bay Municipal Utility District,$8.00. Write: EBMUD 3189 Danville Blvd., Alamo, CA 94507-1919.

ON LINE DESIGN Contact the M design group at and we will be happy to answer your design questions or schedule you a design consultation!