Client Comments

"We are very particular and know what we wanted. It's absolutly....IT! People...Honk the Horn!"
Mike Kaashima - San Carlos
"I am so glad I took that color risk Mattison suggested! I just love it!"
Pam Keim - San Mateo
"You are stopping traffic with that garden! People love the purple
you painted the arbors! It is soooo cute!"
Pam Keims Neighbor - San Mateo
"I am really happy with all Mattisons reccomendations."
Mimi Loh - Saratoga
"We've had nothing but rave reviews
on the front and back yard."
Scott Williams - San Jose
"Oh! We love our yard!"
Susan Emil - Palo Alto
"Look at this flower! What is this flower ? I love it!"
Nina Chuang
"I love it. It is just what I wanted and more."
Sue Milotich
"We did everything per plan - It is wonderful."
Mary Stronjy - Campbell
"It looks great!"
Bill Caroli - Sunnyvale
"The scale is exactly what we wanted. It is so elegant."
Rick Saxton - Palo Alto
"I want to give tours of this garden!"
Rack Saxtons Neighbor - Palo Alto
"I finished the front and I am ready to do the back!"
Tim Kiputh - Milpitas
"I am so gald I took the risk and did the moasics. My neighbors say
my garden is the best on the block - even the coral bark trees -
glowing - in the middles of winter!"
Christine Hsu - San Jose
"It is exactly what I wanted. Especially the theme and the
environmental concerns"
Arleen Armeria - San Jose
"It is exaclty what I wanted only better."
Monica Goldberg - Cupertino
"I like it."
Yens Farley - San Jose
"We love our garden!"
Terry Lovelace - San Carlos
"I really like what Mattison designed. I love the art,it's just right -
Malibu Modern."
Barry Small - Los Altos
"I like the solutions to our design problems. It works."
David Yarnold - San Jose
"Come see our garden it is so cute!"
Cie Kocha - Millbrae