Today -
the revloution we kicked off just hit the net artists and they are
seeing our points...leadership is hard and lonely.

Now it is a
Yahoo! Boycott.

In time, after being inundated by corporate requests for use of art for

We put up PAINS! Protect Art It's Not Shareware!


It is a little icon people can put on their sites so people know that:

1. Art is Business

2. Artists need to be paid for their work

3. We have copyrights that we retain

4. Art is product

5. Art produces cyclic economics

6. Art heals the planet,

7. You have to buy art just like any other product or service - just like

8. Technologists had best develop a better sensitivity to artists and
the business of art

9. It is very impolite to expect artists to work for free

10. Art is what is going to save the planet along with technology and
it needs to be respected the same way and valued at an even higher
level because there is less of it.

Mattison Fitzgerald

Please use these icons on your pages!

Please link back to this page.

More coming soon!