The Artworks you see on this site are copyrighted by the artist Mattison
Fitzgerald. Mattison Fitzgerald retains all rights on all works.

If you are with a not for profit 501C3 organization and would like to use
these images on your website, Mattison Fitzgerald requests that you please
send a letter of request to The request letter should
include your organizations name, address, name of the Director of the not
for profit and phone number and your website address, as well as the contact
information of the Chairman of the Board of your organization.

Mattison will personally review all not for profit requests for use of
Artworks. M Art will contact you regarding the donated use of artwork and
the inkind gift use amount and restrictions. Mattison tends to make inkind
gifts of use of artworks on the web to all arts organizations, at risk youth
organizations, environmental organizations, special needs programs. If you
do though really want to use the artwork for your not for profit
Organization and truly have a passion for the art we encourage you to
submit a request as outlined above!

Any use of these copyrighted artworks by for profit sites, personal sites,
content sites, web rings or corporations must be negotiated for a fee with M
Art. Any use of the images on the web by unauthorized parites will be
referred to Mattison Fitzgeralds Intellectual Property Attorneys in San
Francisco, McKenna Ceuneo.

If there are any questions regarding the use of these artworks by profit,
personal, corporate or not for profit, web developers we suggest you contact
M Art before attempting to link, use or borrow these images.

Feel free to link our site if your website or search engine is truly Copy
Right Free and you are not requiring artists to give up any copyrights in
the linkage or exchange of website material. If your site in anyway requires
the submission of any form of copyright by the artist we decline your

Again, the artist retains all copyrights on these images unless specifically
outlined by the artist after requests are submitted by 501C3 Not for Profit
Organizations as outlined above.

Art is business and we are happy you recognize the importance of our work
and use of images in this environment and look forward to hearing from you!
If you are a for profit organization expect a fee to be attached to the use
of artworks and one time only use rights extended in contract form only.



Mattison Fitzgerald